Sunday, August 31, 2008

Daddy's are the BEST!

On Saturday we had some friends (Perry's, Flanagan's, McClures and Burnum's) over for swimming and a BBQ. It was so much fun- the weather was beautiful (this August has been so different from last year) the kids got along great and of course the food was really good! But I think my most favorite part was when the dad's (after the Utah game, of course) took the kids over to the little ghetto swing set. All of us girls commented on how great we have it that our husbands are such wonderful fathers- they love to play with their kids- and any chance they get (which some days isn't much) they take it. I've mentioned this before- but both of our kids light up the moment Mike walks in the door- it is seriously my favorite thing- and not just because it means I have some support!

I grew up with an amazing father-he loved his kids- and that is something that we never doubted. Every night when he walked in the door we would rush to the stairs and he would stand at the bottom and we would jump into his arms. Me being the wuss that I am- only ever went as high as the 4th stair- but I loved it regardless and will never forget it. I miss him so much- there isn't a day that passes that I don't think of him. I will forever be grateful for the example he was of a loving father. It's fun to watch my own brothers with their little girls- and to see how much like our dad they are. I've been so blessed to marry a man who is also an amazing father- one who my kids will always be able to look up to.

Daddy's are the BEST!
(the above picture was taken maybe 17 years ago)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

5 YEARS!!!

So today is great for a couple reasons- the first one being that Mike just finished up his 4th quarter- 3 to go! That was by far my favorite quarter- it was short and sweet- but we are told we are headed into the 2 worst! Yuck.

(Warning - this next part may be a bit on the cheesy side- but hey it's our anniversary- so you'll have to deal with it!)
The 2nd reason is that it is our 5th year anniversary! Crazy that it has been 5 years- it seems like we've been together forever- and in a good way!
I am so grateful for Mike. I am grateful that he is my best friend. I love when we get the chance to just talk (without cute little interruptions-which we wouldn't change for the world) - he is my favorite person to talk to. I love how he always makes me feel so good about myself- he has always been so complimentary- which now after 2 kids- its so important! He is an amazing father and wonderful teacher. A few years ago he taught primary to some 6-7 year old boys and they adored him- I remember sitting in on one of his classes- and was amazed at how well he communicated with them- and how well they responded to him. He is that way with our kids- and I love it! He is so incredibly organized- and clean which as a wife I am so lucky.
I am so proud of how hard he works in school. He has the most tender heart and combined with his intelligence- I have no doubt what an incredible doctor he will be. I am grateful that he holds the priesthood and honors it. I love that we have forever together.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Collin James

Oh Collin! He is at such a fun little age! He is starting to communicate some- he knows how to say- more,wa-wa,thanks,dog and bye-bye.He loves to brush his teeth and has a special way of asking to do it. He LOVES dogs and to be outside.- Thankfully our weather the past week has been beautiful.

He has such a tender little heart. He gets SO excited when his dad comes home for dinner- he yells and gives just the cheesiest little grin. Every morning for the past few weeks Collin has been waking up between 6 and 6:30 (ya- not fun) and he always goes and looks for his dad- he yells "DAAAA" as he is walking back to our bedroom- waking not only his dad but Samantha in the process! He's been a bit disappointed these last few days as Mike has been at the school studying before Collin even wakes up.- But he will be thrilled next week when finals are over and his dad is around for the whole week!

Collin has been walking for the past month- which I love- I no longer have to carry his cute chubby little body all over the house! He loves to clap and dance to music- especially the ELMO song- we hear it over and over several times a day! He has just now been able to do his little dance without holding onto the furniture- and I was lucky enough to catch it on tape!

He continually melts my heart with his sweet little expressions and happy disposition. I just love that little boy!

Monday, August 18, 2008

What would we do without our Samantha?

There is no one quite like Samantha! She is such a mixture of pure girl- but yet has a bit tomboy in her. She loves to be girly- make-up, jewelry, high heels, dresses- but - she HATES to have her hair done. Luckily the bottom of her hair still has the natural curl or she would for sure walk around like a scraggle muffin. The only day that she will put up with getting her hair done is Sunday (and that's only after a threat or two of being left home- ya I'm a mean mom) and that is usually just a clip on the side. This is such a struggle for me considering that I do hair and to boot she has beautiful hair- with so many possibilities! Maybe one day?
She is such a sensitive little thing- always concerned for those around her. She has a massive imagination- always in another world- with crazy little stories- usually ones that she has heard me talk about on the phone or with Mike- but with her own twist. Whenever she wants a treat or something that she thinks that I may not let her have- she come up to me "Mom- who wants this? You- or me- or Collin.......... or me?" She is always listening to all that is going on around her- or in other words she is super nosey! Which I think is payback- considering I had huge ears growing up! She has an incredible memory- a lot like her mom's - full of random info.

Her favorite primary song is "I Love To See The Temple" which any time that we pass a temple- she would make all those in the car sing along with her. It happened all the time in Utah- but not so much around here. - But don't worry it is the automatic choice for family night opening song- so we still get our fill!
She loves to dance and sing- super sassy- and over the summer in Utah she developed this love of getting her picture taken- but with of course-sass. Notice in the pictures- her messy face- I can't for the life of me figure out how she gets her food in the places that she does? But she doesn't seem to mind! Messy face or not- she is my "most favorite" little girl in the world! (that's something that Samantha and I say to eachother- I am her "most favorite mom" in the world- and she is my most favorite girl)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nauvoo Pageant

One of the greatest things about living where we do- is that we are so close to so many church sites. For the past few weeks the Nauvoo pageant has been going on- and since we will not be here next year at this time we thought that we would be crazy if we past up the opportunity to see it. We went with some firends and had a blast! There were all sorts of activities going before. Samantha and Collin had so much fun playing pioneer games and dancing to the music.
The pageant of course was so neat- yet another opportunity to be reminded of the sacrifice of the Prophet Joseph as well as the early saints and to have my own testimony strengthened. I am so grateful that we had the chance to experience it.

Part of the festivities

This nice girl just walked around and played and then she would let the kids try if they wanted

Samantha, Mackenna and Brooklyn getting ready for a handcart ride-

Mike took Collin on his own ride- he didn't move around a bit- just sat and enjoyed the ride!

Taking a swing during a square dance-(notice Bear participated too!)

Samantha and Brooklyn doing the Irish jig

Collin just loved watching all that went on

Odd that the smallest one was the anchor!? I'm not sure that most strategic move!