Monday, February 23, 2009

Little Star Wars Geeks

Every Wednesday night I have Activity Days for about an hour. Both kids love this time because it means that they get daddy all to themselves. I'm not quite sure how the tradition began- you'll have to ask Mike- but every Wed. the 3 would sit with some kind of treat and watch a little of Star Wars. They started with the first one and then they would continue each week beginning where they left off the previous week. They have now watched all three movies twice! And they really enjoyed it- Collin was totally into it. One of the times I happened to be home and watch it with them- Collin was sitting next to me- and all the sudden I hear this little noise- I put my head down- and what do ya know he is making Darth Vader noises! Unbelievably cute!
Another night Samantha was trying to ask Mike a question about Princess Leia but she couldn't remember her name so this is how it went "Dad- ya know that girl- the princess- the princess like me- we're both princesses- what is her brothers name?" She said it so matter of fact- this little girl really does believe she is a princess- just like Leia :)
Wow I am surrounded by Star Wars geeks! love it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Collin James Taylor @ 19 months (almost 20)

*loves his dad- gets so excited when he comes home- even if he is sitting next to Mike he'll yell "DAD!"- just to get him to look his way

*he is the BEST little go to sleeper (ya I know it's not a word) there is never any fuss- heck there are times he even asks to go bed

*loves his dog- he is quickly becoming almost as important to Collin as bear is to Samantha (almost)
*loves Super Why - or as he calls it "Why Why"

*Always say "thank you" if you do something or give him something "Dank You"

*likes to carry around Samanthas purses and wear her shoes- much to his dad's dismay

*loves to play cars or ball with anyone who will play with him

*nicknames - Mitter , Collin James, buddy or bud (Samantha's name for him)

*loves to look at pictures of Jesus
*loves to wear hats

*loves to brush his teeth
*sweet little guy

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Samantha Christine Taylor @ 4 years 2 months

Oh Samantha- where to begin!?!

*loves playing with Collin- and is such a great older sister- always looking out for him

*loves to sing and dance- loves microphones

*has a HUGE imagination- unbelievable imagination

*truly believes that she is a princess

*LOVES shoes-but flip flops the best-always has shoes on
*hates ANY tags on her clothes- we have to cut off any hanging tag
*does not like long sleeves or socks

*current nicknames - peanut, george, sweet pea, samba(this is what Collin calls her)

Samantha Sue and mamf

*loves pickles, frozen bananas, candy (of course)

*loves temples- ANY time we pass by one she breaks into song. Every family night it is the song of choice!
*a truly happy, enthusiastic little girl