Friday, June 8, 2012

Grandparents and a Graduation

We have been SO lucky to have had so many visitors in such a short time. We had Rochelle the beginning of April, my mom and sisters at the end of April  and Mike's parents and brother Russell at the end of May. It was so great to have family here and to have them get a little taste of what our life is like in St. Louis.

Gra,Steph and Cassie
It's always a blast spending time with my mom and sisters. They are some of my best friends, so of course we always have so much fun together. We spent time showing them around, shopping/spoiling us, surprising Samantha at school with a special lunch....we crammed a lot into 3 days!

Samantha's class was having family members come and read a story to the class each day. It was perfect timing since we had family in town! Samantha knew that I was going to come in and read, but her teacher and I kept it a secret that my mom was also going to come in and read.

After the story time we checked Samantha out and we all went to the Magic House!

It was a bit of a whirlwind trip, thing went by too quickly they left us wanting a few more days. But they did ease our disappointment by leaving us fully stocked with some household essentials and non-essentials(funstuff)- 
 Collin's Tiger Tots Graduation
Collin has LOVED going to Tiger Tots. It was a bit of an adjustment afterwards.....he still wanted to go! On his last day they did a little graduation ceremony and afterwards they had a mini Carnival full of games and treats.
Chad and Collin
Collin and his friends Ammon and Kalea

Grandpa, Grandma and Russell
It was perfect timing: the kids had just gotten out of school and they were ready for some action! That action came in the form of Grandpa, Grandma and Russell!
The first night they were in town they stayed with the kids while Mike and I were able to go to a Cardinals game with some friends. Honestly, I am NOT a baseball fan, not really my sport. BUT I do have to say that it was an amazing field-- the atmosphere was so cool. We had a blast riding the metro into downtown and just hanging out with good friends.

We had a good time staying busy by visiting Grants Farm.......

Going to the Magic House

Playing many games of "Speed" checkers and "Slow" checkers......Grandpa worked SOOOO hard on some new steps out our back door. Our old stairs were just 2 steep narrow boards-- the kids would often get hurt going up or down on them. Grandpa built (in the 90 degree plus humidity weather) us a fabulous landing and new stairs and we LOVE it!!!
Grandma helped me to put plants in our front yard which improved our yard by leaps and bounds. Our soil here is HORRIBLE so it made the whole process a bit frustrating--- but the hard work paid off!
We were yet again spoiled. We are SO blessed to have such supportive amazing parents, who sacrifice so much for us