Saturday, October 30, 2010

Family Pictures

We did it. Getting family pictures is never easy on ANYONE. I stress over what everyone will wear, and whether everyone's shirts/sweaters are pulled down and hanging nicely (failed a little this time). Mike hates getting his picture taken PERIOD(but he cooperatedbeautifully). The kids-- well they just hate sitting still for that long. But we all survived. Now the trick is figuring out which one to hang up-- and which one's to give to Grandparents for Christmas. I included quite a few-- the good--the bad-- and the not so bad. You'll notice who(Collin) gave us the hardest time(little bugger)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Ever since Collin was little, he has LOVED rocks(we think he got it from his Grandpa Taylor). He picks them up wherever he goes.

From the first day of school, Samantha has been finding rocks on the playground that she thinks Collin will like. She sticks them in her pocket and brings them home. Every day when we pick her up, as we walk back to the car- Collin will ask "Hey Samba, do you have any rocks for me?" I just love how she is always thinking of her little brother.

I admit to finding the whole thing a little frustrating because I would find them all over the house, or even worse- in Owen's mouth, Mike had the cute idea to put them in a jar- and then when it gets full- we dump them and start over again.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Like so many wards, today we had our primary program. I always look forward to the program each year. Today I had goosebumps, and tears in my eyes almost the whole time. I just love the voices of the primary kids as they sing their hearts out to the beautiful primary songs. I love primary songs.
A year ago at this time as I was helping Samantha memorize her part, I said to myself "Man, I am SO glad that I am not in charge of the primary program" NEVER do that. This year I found myself 2 months before the program being called as the 2nd counselor in our primary presidency. The primary program had not been written yet--- so I had to quickly figure out how in the heck to write a script, assign the parts and organize the practices etc. in time for today. This was SO far out of my comfort zone- it 's not even funny. Luckily with a whole lot of prayers(and tears)-- and some great advice and tips from my mom it all came together.
I was so proud of the primary kids. Getting up in front of so many people is terrifying for me at age 31- I can only imagine how it was for them. We only had 2 kids who didn't want to say their parts-- not bad in my opinion.
Samantha did awesome--- no worries or hesitation- and she had her part down solid. I was so proud of her.
Now I guess I have a little time before I have to start thinking of next year?!?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Magic Powers

Through the years, I have come to believe that moms have special powers. My own super powers are still developing....but my mom has super strengths, strengths that I hope to have one day. She just has a way of making things better. For the past two weeks, Mike has been in St. Louis doing a rotation in a hospital there. To help out, my mom flew in a week ago and stayed for a week. We had a blast. Along with being a fantastic mother and grandma- she is an amazing friend. We had fun talking, laughing, watching NCIS re-runs :) after the kids were asleep and just being together. She helped to relieve so many stresses that I have had recently.... things with my calling....making things possible that aren't possible on a medical student budget...helping to decorate the toy room....and so many other things.
Here are some things we loved and will remember....

Grandma picked up Samantha every day from school......

We played games....

Making crafts.....

Going to the park....
Late night run to Dairy Queen for ice cream...
Watching "Honey I SHRUNK the Kids"...

Eating my FAVORITE treat...Al's gourmet popcorn....I MAY have eaten my weight in popcorn.
Thanks Mom, for coming out and doing all that you did. We will never be able to repay you for everything. We love you and miss you already!
Ok, Daddy---- now COME HOME!-It's been WAY TOO LONG!