Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friends Forever

For those that have ever been around Samantha more than once has met her best friend Bear. He is EVERYTHING to Samantha. He fixes cuts and bruises, he protects from "monsters" he cuddles, he tickles, he helped with potty training (even had a pair of big boy pants) he does it ALL. He really is a member of the family. I don't think my mom had any idea what the cute little stuffed bear would be to Samantha. When Samantha was born as hard as I tried (and believe me I did try EVERYTHING) she would not take a binki. She was a very fussy baby so a binki would have been nice. Being the brilliant mother that she is- my mom thought that Samantha would need something that would provide comfort for her- since she was NOT going to do the binki. So she went looking for the "perfect" stuffed animal. Lo and behold she found this bear at Babies R Us in the clearance section.Every chance I got I would give Bear to Samantha- his name was "Buffles" at the time- (GUND names all their stuffed animals) and wouldn't ya know it- it worked! Samantha actually started sucking on Bears nose when she needed that comfort. As soon as we noticed that this was going to work- being the worrier that she is - my mom thought that we needed to go and find some replacements- just in case. She went back to Babies R Us and they didn't have anymore. We looked EVERYWHERE- but with no luck. Then one day she and I were up in Bountiful in a cute boutique called Brats and lo and behold- there sat Bear! They had I think 5-6 at the time so my mom bought them out! Well needless to say- Bears nose started getting just gross- he had a lot of love and showed!

So my mom thought that "just in case" something was to happen to Bear then we would need the back-up to look and feel like the original- because there was an obvious difference! So I started washing the back-up and trying to wear it out- everything short of sucking on the nose myself!

Well and wouldn't you know it- one day (I think she was 2) we went to the mall and Samantha had sat Bear down somewhere and I am sure someone had to have picked it up- and thought "oh yuck" and threw it away (obviously it wasn't a mom because a mom would have seen how "loved" Bear was and would have known he belonged to some little kid and would have turned him in) . We looked EVERYWHERE and I even went to security and told them to keep an eye out- I checked lost and founds- EVERYTHING. I was a wreck- even more than Samantha I hate to admit. So I pulled out the "back-up" and explained to Samantha what happened, it took just a few short days of re-explaining and that was it!

Bear now sports a sweater (it is very cold in Missouri)- he currently has 2 band aids on for sores that I am unsure of how he got them. He likes to wait and watch in the window sill for Samantha to come home from preschool. Luckily Samantha understands that there are places that Bear cannot go (ie school and primary) so that once Kindergarten starts there won't be an issue.

I am personally SO grateful for Bear- he does the things that I as a mother can't always do!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow Day

Back when we were in Utah, there was many days that were snowy. One of the days my mom and I went out to snow blow and shovel. So Samantha and Collin came out to play while we worked. Unfortunately we don't have any real snow clothes- but it didn't seem to bother them! Although Samantha was only in her coat and leggings- it didn't stop her from really playing- which surprised me. Collin just kind of walked around- following Molly or just watching his sister. They both had a great time- and my mom and I survived the big driveway!

Yes, I know this is tilted the wrong way- for some reason it is just coming out this way- I've tried a few different things- which haven't worked! Oh well!

Yes! Now I am officially caught up with all the Christmas pictures! Finally!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Projects

If you were to ask Mike- I took on too many projects this year! So much- in fact that I have promised to keep away from projects for awhile! I didn't take pictures of all my projects- just a few of the bigger ones.

The Quilt

Last year my sister-in-law Angela (Mike's sister) made the cutest blanket for their sister Marissa. I loved it- so I copied her and then I put my own spin on the idea and made one for my mom. I really enjoyed doing it- of course there are a few things I would change- but oh well- it was my first real quilt!
On the quilt top I did 10 picture blocks. 6 blocks- 1 for each kid- I did an 8 picture collage of each child growing up. With the last 4 I did a family picture in each (with just the kids). In the trim I found the perfect poem about mothers and placed it in a smaller box. For all the picture blocks I worked with the pictures in word and then copied them off on a iron on transfer.

It was a lot of work- but more than worth it!


So ever since Samantha was born I wanted to find the perfect stockings for the family. But being silly I wanted them to all match- but I worried as each child came- I wouldn't be able to find ones that coordinated. I really liked ones that I'd seen in Pottery Barn- but honestly what can you find in Pottery Barn -in season- that a medical school family could afford? So I came across a free pattern on line as well as a killer deal on some cute fabric! So I bought enough fabric to make 6- figuring that realistically we wouldn't be having more than 6- and even 6 is a stretch! And really with what I paid to make all 6 I could have bought one from Pottery Barn! Now they are definitely NOT Pottery Barn- but they work!

Now each child following Samantha and Collin I will find images ie. a doll or train etc that fits the sex of the child.

I haven't finished the cuffs of the stockings- I can't decide how to do them- any ideas?

Puppet Theatre

My friend Jena and her mom are pro-knitters and they knitted(is that a word?) an adorable puppet theatre that hangs in your doorway. Samantha loves it and loves the one at the library. Now I am an awful knitter- so I thought that I could figure out how to sew one instead. I have found that my mind doesn't work that way- because it took my awhile to think things through- but in the end it came together ok. I just need to put in the wooden dowels in the back to hold it's form while hanging. Santa being ever so helpful- knew what I was making- brought the kids some puppets to go with it!

Don't you love the flip-flop at the bottom right corner- in the middle of winter-on the wrong foot- only Samantha.

Too many Scrapbook Pages!

This last project is one that we do each year- it was thought up by my mom. Instead of picking names each of us has to do a 2 page layout of something our family did the past year- or whatever we want. We then make 7 (one for each family-one for ourselves and one for our parents). Then on Christmas Eve we exchange them. I'll be honest you'll hear a lot of grumbling while I am doing it- I want to be a scrapbooker- I just haven't caught on to it yet- but I LOVE having this scrapbook- love it. It is so fun to look through. My mom does the first 2 pages- and does a collage of pictures of when we are all together- like this past summer and then finds a great quote about families. Last year she made up the best poem which included an inside joke for each member of the family. Unfortunately now that we aren't living close anymore- there aren't as many inside jokes- so she is not able to do a poem each year.
I didn't take pictures of my pages- I took some of my moms- because they were way cuter than mine!

Well, we'll see if I can keep my promise to Mike and stay away from projects for awhile! He never really gave me a time limit?! I really love doing them- and they seems to help the time pass!

Christmas Vacation 2008

We had a great time in Utah- thanks to both of our families! We were there for 3 weeks- but it went by way too fast. It was great to see the mountains- boy do we miss them out here. It is nice to be home and back to our routine. It's crazy that in just 5 1/2 short months Mike will be taking the first step of the boards and we will be moving to Ohio.
Here are some pictures from our trip-. We were able to spend our first week with my parents before Mike was done with school. The kids and I spent time finishing up Christmas shopping and projects and playing in the snow! Mike drove out on the 20th with 2 of our friends whose families also left without them! We then spent a week up in Centerville with Mike's parents. Thanks to the gift certificate from my parents and babysitting from Mike's we were able to go on a date to the Roof and take a walk around Temple Square! We had some great family parties and just fun being with the Taylors. Our last week we went back to my parents- Jonathan, Bree and Addi came from Florida- so it was fun to all be together again. On New Years we played games- Quelfs- which is the most random game EVER- but I don't think I've laughed so hard in my life! Ate a TON of junk food and watched a movie- and just enjoyed being together.

Christmas Eve - ( spent at my parents house)
Homemade Chili and scones
the BEST sugar cookies EVER
special visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus
setting out the special key for Santa as well as cookies and milk
last but not least- being with family

Santa and Mrs. Claus did a FANTASTIC job. We sang songs, they read a book that reminded us the real meaning of Christmas and the they gave the kids of a candy cane! ( I have a special connection with these two so for those of you in Utah who want these fun visitors go to I know they fill up quickly- You'll LOVE them!)

Because my parents fireplace is not the type Santa does best, we thought we would help him out this year and leave a special key to get in!

These are the shots I got when I told Samantha to smile for the picture.- So Samantha!

Christmas Morning
the kids excitement
waking up to it snowing outside!
traditional breakfast of Shipwrecked

These last shots are just random ones

We have loved being around the cousins!- But boy did we miss Evan and Andrew! (Dave and Angela's boys-Mike's sister and brother-in law -who are so far away in California.)
Now that the 3 youngest are old enough it is so fun to watch them play together. Cecily and Collin would just follow each other around. They were so cute together. Collin still asks for "Cesi"

Here's Addi and Collin- they had a rough start but soon decided that they could be friends!My mom found this train set a month or so before we came. The kids LOVED playing/wrecking it! We kept it upstairs so that it would be easier to keep an eye on them- and the parts! We found pieces all over the house! - but it will go down in the playroom- where hopefully all the parts will stay together- fingers crossed!