Wednesday, September 29, 2010


AWESOME undies
AWESOME jacket (upside down)
AWESOME outfit

First TOOTH (a tad late)

I keep forgetting to mention Samantha's exciting news.....loosing her first tooth :) It actually happened back at the end of August (weekend before school started)

We wondered if it was ever going to come out....she wouldn't let us "help" it to come out. She would work on it herself- and it was all but out but she was scared and didn't want us to pull it. The permanent tooth starting to come in behind the baby tooth and a little puffy and redness started around it - possible infection. So we sat her down one night (Nathan and Julianne were in town) and told her that she HAD to get it out---so with a few worried tears and a few minutes later.....

Thanks, Nathan for taking these!(a little fuzzy- taken with an iPhone- but grateful for them!)

Friday, September 24, 2010


Ya, we couldn't get them to look at the camera :)

We love you and are so proud of you!

Wish we could be there at the finish line but-

We'll be cheering you on from 1,708 miles away!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting to know him...

I come to realize that when you lose someone close to you- as you go through life without them- you miss them at different times and for different reasons. Does that make sense? From the age of 16 on I missed him during my dating and schooling years. I wondered what he would have thought about the boys I dated- and the advice he would have given with the big decisions a person makes when choosing a school/profession and eventually a mate. Now that I have kids I miss him for the grandpa that I know he would have been.-
I was one of the lucky kids- I was older and had more time with my dad- a chance to make more memories. But sadly enough my memories are fading with time.
A few days ago we received in the mail something that I will seriously treasure for the rest of my life. My mom put together a little scrapbook (one for each child in my family) of my dad- a way for the grandkids to get to know who their Grandpa Stevens was- and a way for us to remember him.
Here is the note that came on the outside:

To My Children: I hope that this book will help to introduce your father to your children and future children. I hope also that it may help your spouses get to know more about you through getting to know your dad.
To the spouses: I know that when someone dies people have a tendency to exaggerate their lives. Although I did not stress faults or failures, I did not embellish the qualities he had. He really was as we remembered him. He was simply one of the best men I have ever known. I wish you all could have met him and look forward to the day that we can be together again.
This book was made with love...for him and for you..... I hope that you will take it and cherish ti with as much love as it was made. Love, Mom

The book isn't a life history- but just some fun stories and explanations of what type of a person my dad was- what he loved to do etc. I took some pictures-- (some are turned funny- don't know why) there are more than what I have shown- but here are just a few......

I think Collin has my dad's eyes-- out of all the grandkids I think he looks the most like him--(look at the picture on the left).

My dad was a HUGE BYU fan- I always miss him this time of year when football season begins.

My dad was so much fun- although there were times when his "enthusiasm" etc. was a tad embarrassing for an awkward 12 year old girl :)

My dad was SO patient. He never criticized us- or anyone else for that matter. He was always willing to help- even when I STRUGGLED to understand stupid math! He stuck with me until I understood- which believe me wouldn't have been easy!
A man that served as one of his counsels when my dad was bishop said that he was the most humble man he had ever known. He was always there for us. My mom reminded us of a story that happened during his illness... One day my dad was laying on the couch- in extreme pain- waiting to be taken to the hospital, my little brother Cameron came running in and not knowing that my dad was in pain, he jumped up on top of him on the couch to give him a hug. My dad grimaced silently in pain and without a cross word or criticism, he just smiled through his pain and wrapped his arms around Cameron and held him.

I know that my dad would have loved being a grandpa--and he would have been an amazing one.
I am so grateful to my mom for putting this together. For the expense and the long hours it took. I love these memories- and I love that I can share them with my kids.

"Delicious, Hot Schmoes"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First (and second and third) Day of School!

Like every mom who is sending her child off to kindergarten- I too was sad, worried, apprehensive and so many other emotions. I worried that little dramatic, imaginative Samantha would have a hard time dealing with the structure that school is. But I also knew that she was READY for something more than I could provide her at home- so it helped when the day came.
She was beyond excited and luckily 2 1/2 weeks later- that excitement hasn't dimmed. She comes home excited to tell me what they've learned and all the goings on. Every morning on the way to school she has said "Oh mom, I love school"- This has been such an answer to prayers-

After the first few days- I was commenting on how much I loved all the papers and pictures that she had been bringing home. Her reply was "Thanks, I know- I think we need to get a bigger fridge" (meaning a bigger space to hang her papers)

First Day-

Outside the school

With her cute teacher Ms. Dowler

First day of school treat! (A tradition from my childhood-that I LOVED- heck my mom even did if for me on my first day of cosmotology school!)

Samantha loved to get her picture taken- so she wanted 2nd and 3rd day photos (ha- she asked again this morning 2 1/2 weeks later to take her picture)

2nd Day
3rd Day

Just 5 Min Away.....

A couple weeks ago we were lucky enough to have Nathan, Julianne and Addison come and visit for the weekend. It was so fun just talking and laughing (very late nights!). We didn't do a whole lot- mainly show them around Dublin and Columbus. I don't have any pics of everyone--- Nathan was the photographer-- so I still need to get them from him!
One of the places we showed them was Griggs Nature Preserve- which is literally 5 minutes away-- it's beautiful.

(it was raining at the beginning- so Samantha wanted to cover her head-- goofball)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tip of the Day!

If ever your child puts something up their nose-----before you take them to the ER/doctors- first try this:

1-Close the opposite nostril (one without the stuck item)

2-blow on their mouth---not too hard----it could take a couple blows

3- Wah-la!

Sure wish we had known this trick BEFORE Collin and Mike took a trip to the ER (man, are we ever becoming regulars there). I came home from Samantha's dance class to find out that Collin had stuck a bead up his nose. He tried to get it out himself- which pushed it further up his nose. Mike first called our friend, who is a ENT resident here- but he was stuck in a procedure and didn't know when he would be out. So Mike went ahead and took him in.
Collin was quite popular there- the nurses just loved him. And quite obvious by the picture below- Collin was truly enjoying himself! Who wouldn't like staying up past their bedtime, kicking back and enjoying a sucker while watching TV?
The next day Collin used his hospital ID band as a super hero band-- funny little guy.