Sunday, October 30, 2011

Family Pics 2011

We are lucky enough to have the Johnsons (medical school friends) here with us in St. Louis. Unfortunately, with schedules being what they are (crazy) we don't get together as much as we would like. Maren, my EXTREMELY talented friend and I were able to make a little trade-- and we got the better end of the deal by having her take our family pictures.
Here are a bunch, the good the funny and Collin---being Collin.


 Did you know that we have 2 Super Heros in our family? That's right 2.

We found about this HERO's ability just the other day when he came running to the back door with his hands in the air-- yelling "Mom! Mom! I broke the tree with THESE !"(again-showing me his hands)

This HERO's power has slowly developed over time. A glove is a necessary tool in order for the powers to work. Don't worry-- he wears a glove about 90% of the time. In fact he even feels the need to wear it in nursery (nursery can be dangerous at times) THE WHOLE TIME.
Below is an example of him using his super powers against the SCARY and DANGEROUS Halloween costumes at Target.
We feel so much safer knowing that we have these guys with us!

Chores,Chores Chores....

Learning the value of work was something that was important in both of our homes growing up. We want the same for our kids. So with some help (and by help, I mean she did it all) from my talented mom,she made this chart for me. Each week the kids complete what ever chores are assigned to them each day. We can't yet afford to pay any allowance, so instead at the end of each week if they have kept their rooms cleaned and done their chores (without complaint) they get to participate in our family activity. These activities are all things that I wanted to do as a family anyways-- but now they have to work for it!

DRIVE IN MOVIE (thank you, pinterest)

 They got to decorate their room with Halloween decorations. 
 Haunted "Gingerbread" houses

 All this kid did was eat as much candy he could get his hands on.
The finished products!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


One of Samantha's favorite classes in school is art. She has really found an interest in drawing and coloring. It's been fun to see her abilities develop over time. The other day she sat down and drew these pictures of  her Uncle Jonathan(Uncle Chu Chu) and  Aunt Bree. Funny story---As she was drawing Jonathan's picture she said to me "Mom, this is actually looking more like Cameron than Chu Chu"  and the funny thing is that out of the 3 brothers Jonathan and Cameron look the most alike. I just love that in her sweet little mind her pictures look "real" to her. Also--- apparently golf colors are green and orange. "Mom, I know that Chu Chu likes to golf, so I made the sun golf colors". love that girl.