Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The BIG 5

We have decided to let the kids have friend parties on their 5th,8th and 12th birthdays. It just makes things easier and more affordable! So this was Collin's first friend party.
All 3 of the kids have always loved Star Wars (I think it's in their DNA). Collin loves to play Lego Star Wars on the Wii-- so that is what he chose for his party.

My mom made these invites

We had the kids do Jedi training course so that they could be true Jedi's.  Mike was SO helpful, I think it helps to have the theme be something that he knows a lot about :)
He put together the course--- using the movie for ideas. I tried to make the basement look like the swamp where Luke received his Jedi training from Yoda

They had to climb a rope....
Jump and swing on the swing

Stack the 3 rocks....
and then do a one-handed hand stand (didn't get pictures of that)

After completing the course they were officially Jedi knights and awarded their Light-Saber 

After everyone passed their Jedi test-- they were ready to defeat the Death Star


Pizza and playing legos

Collin's cake that Mike made. 
Seriously, if I was the one to make the cake, I would have been stressed about it for WEEKS. But not Mike. Nope, he wasn't worried in the least (unlike myself) The night before he got to work, carved it and frosted it without a hitch. The frosting came out a funky color- but it still worked-- and most important Collin LOVED it. I was impressed.

Collin is an amazing little boy. He has the most tender heart and is so thoughtful of others. We are so blessed to have him in our family.