Wednesday, December 17, 2008

4 Birthdays for a 4 year old!

Samantha has been a very lucky little girl this birthday. She has literally had 4 birthday parties. Why you may ask? Well to start out-BIRTHDAY #1 we celebrated with our family away from home- the Perry's (minus the Flanagan's)- because Brooklyn and Samantha's birthdays were when we both were going to be in Utah. So we got together the Sunday before we left and had dinner and then cake and ice cream. The night didn't start out too well. Samantha had been complaining that it hurt when she would use the bathroom- and as the day went on- she would really cry- and would try to hold it in. Me not being too familiar with things medical- thought that she could wait until the next day when I was to take Collin in for an appointment that I had already made. Mike with his knowledge thought otherwise. He knew that it was most likely a UTI and if we waited too long it would go up into her kidneys and cause a lot of damage. (I am going to LOVE having a doctor in the fam!) So he called the doctor on call who told us that she should really be seen. Mike and Samantha went to the ER- and I took Collin over to Perry's since we knew that Collin would not last at the ER- plus I had made the soup and homemade rolls for the dinner. Luckily it didn't take too long at the hospital- they did their test and then gave a prescription and they were on their way. They made it to that last part of dinner and the most important part- the cake!
Here are just 2 shots of the night-
We gave Brooklyn a Tinkerbell Doll- and she gave Samantha a Petshop puzzle and toy. Mike and I gave Samantha a Tinkerbell doll to open that night as well. ( Collin is in the middle of saying 'cheese" in this picture)
Blow out the candles!

was actually on her birthday. But I didn't get any pictures- both camera's battery's were dead. (I am my mother's daughter- for those who know my mom and camera's will understand that)But none the less it was fun! Even though we had just celebrated with the Perry's I could let her actual birthday pass without doing a little something!
We had her favorite dinner- Kentucky Fried Chicken- or as it is known by Samantha- "Chicken Burger" and then we ate cake - which Samantha helped make and decorate.
Once we got to Utah- we had a birthday party with all my siblings minus Jonathan, Bree and Addi. Samantha wanted a Tinkerbell party- so my mom ordered a cake- which was actually and really pretty cake! My grandparents came down and we had pizza and just talked and caught up.

She was SO excited about her singing cards- one was of course Highschool Musical- and then Tinkerbell! She had been talking quite a bit recently about the singing card that Cassie got at her birthday- and said that she really wanted one. I never mentioned it to my mom- but I guess Grandma's just know!

BIRTHDAY #4- and final!
Samantha had said that she really wanted to have a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese- with her friend Megan- but the one here is a bit ghetto- so we decided to do it as Jungle Jim's instead. Her little friend Megan came and those two had a blast! They are such good friends- we sure do miss her now - but are happy when we come to Gra's because she lives right across the street!

Jungle Jims was so much fun! The rides were great- (minus the really fast one, Samantha is cursed with her mom's wussy genes) and the games were fun. Samantha is already saying that she wants to go back!
Meg and Samantha up in big doll house
Here's a shot of the really fast ride- ya I was a bit scared myself!
A fun jeep safari ride with best friends ( bit blurry)
the rest are just a few shots of the kids doing games or more rides

Here's our cute little Cecily- she is an absolute crack-up!
Happy Birthday Samantha! We are so blessed to have you in our lives. You are a sassy, loving, carefree, imaginative, happy little girl who brings so much happiness to our family. We love you!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Pictures of our trip to Nauvoo

My father-in-law sent us these pictures and I am now finally getting them posted!
So here are just a few shots-

This first one is not the best of any of us- except that I love Samantha in it. Of course she posed.

These are more for the view and overlook of the valley

Collin at the visitors center. This is one of my favorite pictures. Lately he has had such a fascination with pictures or statues of Christ. The moment he saw the Christus he walked as fast as his legs could go pointing the whole way say "Jesus"

Here Grandma is showing Samantha how to help to make rope at the Family Living Center
Now she is a pro!

I love this picture of the boys in front of the statue of Joseph and Hyrum
Russell and Samantha posing with some hedge apples. They are the coolest looking things- we first found some at Adam-Ondi-Ahman and wondered what they were. On Sunday Mike, Rosalie, Russell and Samantha took a drive and passed by some Amish boys and they ended up asking them what they were called and then they came home and looked them up on the Internet. Of course with my horrible memory with most information I hear- it's gone within 10 min- I can't remember much about them other than they are poisonous for livestock. ?
Samantha and Russell by the Mississippi where the pioneers would have crossed.
Thanks again Grandpa and Grandma for such a great visit!