Sunday, November 18, 2012

3 Fish and a New Toilet

At the end of October the kids school had their yearly carnival. The kids had a blast. Especially because we came away being owners of 3 lovely goldfish. The kids were so excited- they have always wanted a pet- and I am against getting a dog or any type of animal until we are through with residency and settled- and let's face it- even then it's not guaranteed! 
They named their fishes
Lucky (Samantha)
Shaggy (Collin)
As Samantha was dancing around out of excitement- she said "New fish and a new toilet!- We are so lucky!" 
Mike had just recently replaced an old toilet with a new, much better toilet. I'm grateful for a little girl who appreciates even the smallest of things! I hope that she is always that way.

Sadly (and not at all surprising) they died just 4 days :(