Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's a cliche but: we survived!

3 quarters down...4 to go! After another blurry finals week I walked into a wonderful reception from my family. Amberlee, Samantha and Collin had made a banner and bought a balloon and candy to celebrate our victory. I think they're just excited that they get me for more than a week this time, much more. Amberlee said that during my first quarter finals week it felt like she barely saw me and now it seems like I'm around more. I have to disagree...I think she's just used to not seeing me much. I really do need to brag about her for a minute though. She has become more supportive the farther we get into medical school. I'm sure she still misses me but during finals she is always okay (or rather she doesn't complain) about me not coming home for dinner or helping get the kids in bed or coming home after they're in bed and leaving before they get up. On top of that she's become super independent taking both kids shopping (which is a massive feat of strength given Samantha's attention span and Collin's waist line), going to the library, attempting to keep the house clean, etc. She's been just what I need through this process and slowly we're all learning to be a doctor's family. After all of that I can't be mean enough to make them all stay here for the summer. I think we'll leave whenever Amberlee wants. I love you Amberlee. You too Samantha and Collin.

Amberlee's addition:

I can't even begin to express how wonderful it has been to have our first year of medical school complete! This is something that we prayed for and wanted so badly for so long- and now that we are in the middle of it - it's so hard to believe. I am so proud of all of Mike's hard work. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to always be in class or studying. I know he would much rather be at home with us- and I know that it is often hard to walk out that door - as Collin is quickly on his heels- and Samantha is asking why he has to go back to school- but he does it. And I am grateful that he does it. I know without a doubt that we are the most important thing in his life but- this is his time to get the most out of school- not only because we are paying $40,000/year but more importantly because he wants to be the best doctor that he can be. I love him and I am so grateful for the way that he has balanced everything. It hasn't been easy.

I am beyond thrilled that we get to go and visit family and be near all our loved ones for the summer. Samantha and Collin are thrilled to have their dad around all the time. On Friday- from the moment Mike walked in- Samantha barely took a breath- she was all over the place! You'd think she was the one done with school! I hate to say this but I am already dreading July 28th!But know we will for sure make the most of this time that we have together!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Daddy's buddy

For the past while Collin can't get enough of his dad! The moment Mike walks in the door- Collin is on his heels following from room to room! In the mornings if Mike hasn't left before Collin wakes up- he is doing the same thing- following daddy- all the way to the door to say bye. I love to watch it all- and to see their little bond growing. Collin is in for a huge surprise when Mike is done next Friday with finals!

This is Collin's favorite thing to do now- unroll all the toilet paper. Each time I go into either bathroom- I always have a fun surprise!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Great Mother's Day!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. It started up with Mike waking me up with a bowl of strawberries and a bowl of my absolute favorite cereal- Capt'n Crunch! We have 9:00 church- so we then got ready and went to church. Samantha had her first chance to participate in primary- she was assigned the closing prayer in closing exercises. Both Mike and I wanted to be there- and Mike was planning on going up to help her. It was so cute to see her sitting up on the stand like such a big girl! As soon as the closing song ended- she quickly got up placed her little church bag on the side of the pulpit, put her colored picture on the pulpit and then pulled down the microphone to reach her mouth- this was all before Mike could reach the stand. As soon as she got settled- she started to look panicked, luckily Mike got up there-and everything went well. She was hard to understand because she had her mouth pressed to the microphone- but we were just proud that she even got up there. My friend in primary told me that most little sunbeams won't even attempt it. After we got home from church I was able to do one of my most favorite Sunday things- take a nap! It was great! We then went over to the Flanagan's and had dinner. All the guys each took care of a dish. Brian went to Italy on his mission- so he made the BEST pasta that I have ever tasted! Mike made a spinach salad- which was really so yummy- I love spinach salads. Dave made a raspberry cheesecake- I wish that I had taken a picture of it- it looked as good as it tasted! We then just sat around and talked while the kids played. We are so blessed to have such good friends out here- friends who you can consider family. They are evidence to me that I have a loving Heavenly Father who knows my needs and knows that this is where we need to be.

I had to take picture of our yummy dinner!

I loved my Mother's Day and I am so grateful to be a mother to our two healthy, happy, beautiful little kids. I am grateful to have been raised by an incredible mother-she is one of my closest friends. She has taught me and continues to teach me so many important things through her actions and advice. I am so grateful for our many, many phone calls during the day- they get me through the long hours while Mike is studying. I am grateful for an amazing mother-in-law who raised a wonderful son. I am so lucky to have Rosalie in my life- she is such a strong example to me. I feel blessed to be her daughter-in-law.

Thank you Mike for making my Mother's Day so special!

Friday, May 9, 2008

No wonder!

So last night after I discovered the high heels in bed- I went into Samantha's room to see if her bed was clear and her pillow was at a good spot so that the transition from my bed to her would be smooth. This is what I found.........

Well no wonder she and Bear "couldn't sleep"

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Always a lady

So tonight Samantha got out of her bed to tell me that she and Bear couldn't sleep. I told her that she could lay down on my bed for awhile and then I would just move her to her own when I was
ready for bed. As I went to pull back the sheets I found this...

She had put on her ATSU sweatshirt and her high heels

I really am not surprised that she has her high heels on- what does surprise me is that she doesn't have on her bracelets and necklaces.


So not a whole lot has been happening lately. Of course we've all been a bit sick- but seriously- what else is new? Hopefully we will finally be done being sick.- so that we can actually enjoy our spring weather. I for one can hardly wait for May 23rd when Mike will be done with his finals. -Several times a day Samantha will say how she is so excited to go to Utah to see her Grandma's and Grandpa's.So with 2 big events coming up I thought to help both her and I get through these next few weeks- I would make a count down chain- pathetic- I know.
14 total days
12 study days (Mike doesn't study on Sunday)
2 Monday tests which equals 2 more lonely Sunday nights (Mike goes to bed early on Sunday's so that he can wake up at like 2 or 3 to study for his Monday test)
29 days until we get to go to Utah

The big blue chain symbolizes Mike's last final
I'm sure Mike has his count down figured out to the very minute.