Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Fun!

We've done some fun things this past week- just little activities at home- so I thought I'd combine all of them into one post- unlike my blogging-pro sister in law Bree - I stink at keeping up!

This past week my friend Tasha and I went to do a fun little Halloween project at Samantha and Brooklyn's pre-school. It was fun to see Samantha what Samantha does everyday and to see her interact with her friends at school. It was great to now put faces with all the stories that Samantha tells!
Brooklyn and Samantha getting ready for the "Mummy" project
Tasha had a cute Mummy story to read to the kids

One night we made CUPCAKES and decorated them and then made little ghost suckers to put on top. Samantha drew the eyes and then decided that the ghosts needed hair.
Both are SO thrilled.....

Finished Product!
It's the GREAT PUMPKIN Samantha Taylor! Instead of carving- (I didn't want the mess in our small kitchen) I let Samantha paint hers and Collin colored his with a marker! That day Gra sent a Halloween box from The Popcorn Factory so after we decorated the pumpkins we watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and ate the yummy treats!

As a little kid I LOVED watching holiday shows- heck I still do! It is so fun to watch my own kids get excited about the same things I did!
Next... Trick or Treating!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So we found out today where we will be going next year- Columbus Ohio here we come! To be honest I have so many mixed emotions- but one is stronger than the rest- and that is the assurance that this is where we are suppose to go. I know that I am excited for Mike- because he wanted to go here- and he is excited about it- which makes me happy for him. And if I really wanted to be honest with myself- I knew that Salt Lake was not going to happen- back during conference weekend- oh shoot I can't remember who talked about it- but the talk about change- and how it is good for us etc. I knew when I listened to that talk that I was one who needed change if I was ever going to progress the way that I need to. I love my comfort- I hate being challenged- but I've seen in my past how when I have been challenged I have grown more than I ever thought was possible. So this morning- all puffy eyed- I have decided there will be no more tears- I will think positively- and look forward to this new adventure. Heck and be grateful that we have several months to find a place instead of a couple weeks! Now all I need to do is find a map and find out where Ohio actually is! (geography was never a strong subject)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Samantha is famous!

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Field Trip and Still-A-Bration

So I am awful at keeping up my blog lately- I have been busy with my Christmas projects- so I have not been on the computer much. We did just have a really nice weekend though- but I didn't take any pictures! We went to Nauvoo- it was our stake conference so we decided to make a trip out of it (in spite of Mike's big test on Monday). We were able to do a session in the temple by trading off babysitting with the Perry's- and then the next day we attended Stake Conference. It was a quick trip- but a nice one- it was so great to be able to go to the temple with Mike- and just be away from our "worries" for a while. Thankfully we have such good friends - who we completely trust our kids with- so we didn't worry about them for a second.
This past week was Samantha's field trip to the pumpkin patch. Her preschool took a trip to a local farm a few miles out of town. They took a hayride, went on a "mini" hay maze, jumped off hay bales into a big pile of hay- and also played in a bounce house! It was a fun-filled morning. Collin was ticked most of the time- because he wanted to participate- but was too little.
Hay ride with friends
So excited for maze! (New addition- those two kids standing next to Samantha are younger siblings of other students- Samantha has always been tall for her age- - so yes she is tall- but not that tall!)
...still so excited about the maze- so cute. To me this is just one example of how Samantha find joy out of what seems like something so small. She is seriously just the happiest little girl.
Just "b-laxing" with the pumpkins
Mike's school had Founders Day- or Still-A-Bration- where they have all sorts of activities going on. They have things for kids as well- a jump house, pony-rides, bubbles, roping hay steers and a few more things. They also have a huge bbq dinner. We for some reason didn't go last year- so we wanted to make it this year. The kids had a great time- and the food looked awesome- but we didn't stick around- the line was super long and our kids were starving!
Collin's favorite thing was the bubbles- and just like everything else- he tried to eat them.