Sunday, February 26, 2012


I just wanted to quickly write down a couple of things that have happened over the past few weeks. I don't want to forget them--

#1  Mike has currently been on a rotation which allows him to leave later than usual---(yay)--which means he leaves the same time I leave to take Samantha to school. Samantha all the sudden-- all on her own began making her dads lunches. Which consisted of a peanut butter sandwich, chips, smarties and a sweet little note telling him that she loved him. Doing kind and thoughtful things for others is pretty consistent action for Samantha.
#2 This past weekend, Samantha was supposed to clean her bedroom before she could do anything else-- this of course wasn't something that she was too happy about. As she is being her very dramatic little self-- Collin spoke up and said that he would help her. He then stood on a chair and Samantha would hand him her clothes and he would hang them up. As they finished I expressed to Collin that I was very proud of how he was willing to help Samantha. His response was "Thanks, Mom--- that's just what brothers are suppose to do"

Monday, February 20, 2012

"There's NoBuddy Like a Brother"

 One of the most fun things as a mom is to watch these 2 little guys become the best of friends. None of these pictures were staged---- this is how I find them all the time. Collin is so great at including Owen in just about everything...he always has his arm around him---always looking out for him and Owen ADORES Collin. I often hear Owen saying "and me too" after Collin says or does something--
We've made sure to explain to Collin about just how important it is that he is a good example to Owen-- because Owen wants to be just like him. There is going to be one lost little 2 year old when Collin starts preschool in March and Kindergarten in August!


Our Pink Breakfast 

 Mike and I gave the kids each a book (Samantha is so excited to read chapter books on her own--she wants to start the Magic Treehouse series)

 Pictures for Grandparent Valentines Cards

 Our "Romantic" Family dinner