Friday, June 19, 2009

Yeah for Dad!

Tomorrow is a BIG day for Mike. He has worked his tail off and sacrificed so much preparing for this huge board exam. Thank you for working so hard!
We love you-

We know you can do it!



Thursday, June 11, 2009

Will practice make perfect?!

So I meant to post these pictures FOREVER ago- like right after we took them- but it slipped my mind! These were taken probably like 6 or so months ago- I'm not really sure- I think Molly is 3 months old in them and she will be a year in Sept. (my math is probably WAY off)- anyhow- story behind the pictures.....whenever we were with the Flanagans, Collin ALWAYS wanted to either be by Molly or wanting to hold her. He was so cute with her and really tender. It was just the cutest thing- luckily Jena was able to catch a few shots-

sure Molly doesn't looked too thrilled at being held by Collin- but he sure loved holding her! Hopefully he'll keep up this love of babies for a bit longer because come January.........

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I am currently 10 1/2 weeks. -Due January 5th (Jonathan's b-day) Feeling pretty crappy- but glad the the yucky feeling will soon be gone in a couple more weeks! We are really excited- especially Samantha- who for awhile was constantly talking baby talk to my stomach- and patting it and saying "oh what a cute baby spot" sheesh. She really wants a baby sister and every night in her prayers she prays to help the baby that SHE will grow big and strong. - but I am sure if it is a boy she will be happy with him as well- and hopefully like I said before- hopefully Collin will be just as baby lovin' when our baby comes home and with all his practice holding Molly- he will be the best big brother!