Monday, April 27, 2009


Collin and Samantha like to go in her room, listen to their cd's and dance/(jump- only when we're not watching- of course) on Samantha's bed. Surprisingly there has not been any injuries!- and they have a great time!

oops- sorry I cut Samantha out of that one!(looks like I need to take Maren's Beginners Photography class!)

They were all so funny- I couldn't help but post them all!
Side note: while they were dancing/jumping- Collin was yelling "ony ony and Eyond!" ("To infinity and Beyond"- Toy Story) and Samantha- yelling "Families are Forever!"

Saturday, April 18, 2009

EASTER weekend

We had a great Easter this year. We decorated eggs the Friday before- both kids really enjoyed it.

The Saturday before was beautiful- perfect for an Easter egg hunt. We went with Tasha and her girls to Truman State (the SAA had a hunt as well- but it it was too early for us to make it that day). It was great the way they had it set up. There were a ton of eggs just laying in their common area- but it was separated by age to make it fair. We found a spot where there were only a few others- so we had it practically to ourselves.

(shocker that Collin is too busy eating his candy to notice that he is standing in front of a giant bunny, he just went and stood where we told him to)

Easter morning the kids woke up ready and excited. Samantha put out a carrot and water for the Bunny, so she first wanted to make sure it was gone.

This year with some left over fabric I had laying around, I made the kids crayon holders. Years ago I found these little chipboard binders, I modge podge some fabric and made put things in them to keep the kids busy at church.

If you haven't noticed in the almost all of the above pictures, Collin has a very happy smile- I just had to put these last few pictures of Collin on because they just make me laugh. He is now in the stage where he automatically says "CHEESE" anytime there is a camera around. Even when I was videotaping them that morning- all Collin would do - is stand there and say cheese!

Sunday was a bit cold- but we had a great time with our Missouri fam. We had yummy shish kabobs, salad, bread and pudding desert. We also had another egg hunt in the backyard. Collin was only concerned about immediate gratification- no need to gather the eggs- he would come to an egg- open it- eat the contents and move onto the next. If one egg was too hard to open, he would chuck it and find an easier one.

But I think my favorite part of Easter this year was Samantha's interest in the Savior, his atonement and resurrection. I was sent a neat Easter video from Jena, a combination of pictures from Liz Lemon Swindle put to a song by Kenneth Cope. Samantha watched it no less than 20 times- she was full of questions- some that I had a difficult time answering. My father in law sent a portion of Elder Hollands talk on the atonement ( from this past conference) which was put with a video clip. She again, has watched it over and over.- still requests to watch it.
I am personally so grateful for the Easter season and the opportunity it provides to reflect on my Savior. I am grateful to be a mother and have this chance to help teach my kids that they have a loving Savior, who gave his life so that we can be together forever.