Monday, August 17, 2009

Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine

Until people start using the link I've posted to my blog I am going to start posting these videos here. Listening to this will probably be the most worthwhile 10 minutes you will spend all week.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


So there is this blog called GiveAway Today where companies (it seems like most of the companies are based in Utah) can advertise their products by offering one of their items as a prize. I've liked checking it to see what fun things people are selling and if I am interested then I enter. Now, I am not like my brothers who seem quite "talented" at winning drawings or contests- but with a pessimistic attitude I continued to enter anyways. :) It seems that my losing streak is over! I won- and I won a gift that is perfect for right now! - A $50 gift certificate to a cute maternity store- Milan Maternity!
Funny thing is that I would have not known that I won if it wasn't for my friend Tiff- because of my before mentioned pessimism I didn't really think to check the blog again- but she happened to email me to see if I was the Amberlee Taylor who won- and wonders of wonders- it was me. You have, I think 48 hours or so to claim your prize- so I owe Tiff big time! Anyone who hasn't heard about this website should check it out-
Anyhow -not a bad way to start out a weekend?!

We are counting down the days right now because this week we are headed to Utah! Yeah! Mike's brother David is getting married on Friday- so we fly out Thursday afternoon. Mike only gets to stay until Sunday (boo) but the kids and I are staying for a couple weeks. It will be so fun to see family again and just be in Utah.-But hard to be away from Mike, who is currently in his psychiatry rotation- and who will also be working hard on remodeling our bathroom :) (something that is easier to do while there are less people around who need to use the bathroom!)

I am also excited because while we are there and one of the reasons why we are staying for as long as 2 weeks is because my mom is going to help me get things started for my etsy store :) I am excited to get it going- and hopefully have a fun time doing it. It is something that I've wanted to do for awhile- and now that we are settled and now that I am not doing hair anymore it's the perfect time to start!