Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Every year the little town we live in puts on an Arts and Crafts Festival. Last year I decided to participate with a few other medical school wives- as a way to earn some extra money and meet new people. It was fun but the weather was cold and rainy- but still a good experience. This year some friends and I decided to try it out-they did not do it last year- so I was the "veteran". Last year I sold my bags and diaper and wipes cases- this year I wanted to try something different. I still did the diaper and wipes case- but I added some jewelry for women and little girls- I also copied my sis-in-laws clip and bow frames. It was such a fun day! The weather was beautiful- and so many people came out. It was great to have a "day off" and just talk with my friends and have a good time. Our booth stayed pretty busy and I think that everyone is happy with the way it turned out. It was an exhausting few months for all of us as we made everything-and let our houses go to pot- but it was worth it! I have some of the most talented friends- with the cutest ideas. It is one of the things that I have loved about this last year here- I have learned so much from them.- and really it's not just the crafts- they are amazing people- and I know that we will always be in eachothers lives.Whoa- didn't know I was going to get all sentimental!?!

I posted a lot of pictures- I wanted my mom to see everything!.

Here are the bow and clip frames- along the bottom there are some hooks to hang headbands. They are super handy- I sold all 6 in the first hour and 1/2

The earings and watches

These are Pretty Princess Packs. They have a necklace,bracelet and button ring. I have decided to try and sell more- they turned out to be pretty popular. So if you are looking for a birthday present or stocking stuffer-or you have a little girl who loves jewelry- then let me know!

The diaper and wipes cases

The rest of these pictures are random shots of everyones items

Jena and a master knitter- just amazing-

The whole booth (this actually is not a very good shot- oh well)

Tasha made the handiest cute carseat blankets-

These applique' shirts are the cutest- my friend Sara has an etsy shop
sewsara.etsy.com check it out!

Both of these last shots are of Jena's clips- I especially love the cloth clips above- SO cute! It also shows some of Tasha's burp cloths.

I also have to thank Mike- again for being SO SO supportive. He gave up a whole Saturday of studying to stay with the kids. He brought both of them to come and see our booth. I came home to the laundry done- the house spotless and both kids were in the tub. He never complained- he is the absolute best husband in the world! I love you Mike- thanks again!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Des Peres???

So this past weekend we went with our friends the Perry's to St. Louis so that Mike and Dave could check out Des Peres (pronounced 'day pear') hospital in St. Louis- it is an option for our next 2 years. We decided to make it a mini-vacation. We crammed in our van (have I said lately how much I LOVE our mini-van?)-we went shopping- the guys went to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game and then we went to Grants Farm. It was a lot of fun. The guys were really impressed with the hospital and the area around it was really beautiful. As of right now it is Mikes first choice- so we'll see!
-oh and there are a few pictures of our quick trip to Columbia- which always includes lunch at Chuck-E Cheese- it's a tradition!

huh- Collin is so not impressed with this ride- unlike his sister.

....and she's off!

Grants Farm

Collin and Mike on the tram

Brooklyn and Samantha on the tram

Story:- so they sell these babies bottles of milk for $1 so that you can feed the goats-we thought the kids would like to do it- not so much. We made the mistake of sending in Samantha ahead of us with the bottle in had- not a good idea- the poor thing was clobbered by the goats!We quickly grabbed her and the bottle and had Mike take over- as you can see they were all over him- and poor Samantha could not get high enough!

Collin actually like the goats- but then again they didn't quite attack him like they did his sister!

Checking out some animals

the fam

Hanging with dad

This is the only picture we could get where they were at least all looking in the same direction!

We also got a picture with a Budweiser Clydesdale- I'll post that later......

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Today was a big day for Samantha and I- it was her first day of pre-school! She has been waiting forever for this day to arrive. Two weeks ago they had an open house so that the kids could come and meet their teachers and see where their classrooms were- Samantha was most concerned about where her locker was going to be! (they do have a cubbie where their coats and backpacks will go) On the way home from the open house- she says to me-"Mom I am SO excited to go to school- and you're going to cry"- and she was right! She woke up on cloud nine this morning- and when the bus pulled up she "whoo-whooed" all the way outside. I tried to tell her goodbye- and tell her that I loved her- but she was so not interested- she just wanted to find her seat! - oh side note- as I was getting her stuff together in her backpack- she tells me to wait and she runs in her room- comes back and puts her cell phone in the backpack- I tell her that she can't take it to school with her- and she goes "oh don't worry mom- I'll just hide it from them-I'll just take it outside to talk"
should we be worried?!

So the house was super quiet-and I only cried for a minute or two-I think I went through all the emotions that moms go through as they send their kids off to school. I think the thing that hit me the most was that I don't feel like she or I for that matter should be old enough to do this. Where did the time go? Last night Mike gave Samantha a fathers blessing (something that both of our fathers did for us each school year)- and I think that Heavenly Father gave me a little strength as well to pull myself together today because I tend to be a bit emotional. I do have to admit that it was nice watching the news and not Sid the Science Kid- and once Collin was down for his morning nap- wow- it was so nice!

Before school:
It wouldn't be a picture of Samantha if there wasn't some sass

On our way to the bus:

Growing up my mom had a tradition of having a treat or surprise waiting for us on our first day of school. I loved it- so I want to start that same tradition with our kids. My mom sent her the new Little Mermaid dvd- and I got her a PEZ and coloring book and made her a bracelet.

....and coming home
Rough first day?
(In the background is her friend Brooklyn and the bus driver- Miss Ginger)

From the words of Samantha- "It was GREAT!"

Monday, September 8, 2008


Three JOYS:

1- Sundays with no Monday tests
(explanation- Mike doesn't study on Sundays- so if there is a Monday test- he will go to bed early on Sunday night and wake up super early- like 3 or 4 am to get to school to prepare for the test that morning)

2-Cuddling with Samantha- Samantha didn't cuddle a lot when she was younger- but she likes it now- so it's great when she wants to cuddle and watch a show with me!

3-Hugs from Collin- I love the feel of his short chubby arms around my neck

Three FEARS:

1-On of my kids getting lost or kidnapped

2-Myself or one of my kids drowning (I do not like deep water and I am not a very good swimmer)

3-Mike dying at a young age.

Current Obsessions:

1-Crafts- I am making several different things to sale at the annual craft sale here to earn money for Christmas.

2-Gilmore Girls- I LOVE this TV series- I think it has to be my favorite- thanks to Mike and his parents- I have all 7 seasons- so to help with my answer to #1 I have been watching it from the beginning to end- and have loved every minute of it!

3-Planning gifts for Christmas- because I like to make some of my gifts- I have to plan early- I'm really excited about my gift to my mom this year- I hope she likes it!

Three FACTS:

1- Lived in Utah all my life and never been skiing

2-I'm a homebody-in other words I am super boring

3-Horrible with numbers- I still struggle with stinkin' multiplication!

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