Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011


When I began trying to teach Samantha her letters and numbers over 3 years ago she didn't catch on like I thought she would. It just wasn't "clicking"-You could show Samantha a letter and 2 minutes later she couldn't remember it. I tried many different forms of teaching-we did games, having the letters posted around the house so that she would see them everyday, we did letter shaping with dough, writing with pudding- sand etc. Both Grandma's sent different tools to help-- but it just wasn't working. It was hard to tell if it was just a lack of desire, or if there was more to it. It began to be a stresser for our relationship. I cried a lot, I stressed, feeling like I was failing as a mother and both Mike and I prayed- a lot. When she went to preschool- I was hoping that someone on the "outside" would maybe see something that I couldn't-- and maybe know of a way to help it all "click". Her teacher was great--- but still no real change. I decided to try and take a break, and just work on it a little here and there--- trying not to push her too hard. We were worried about Kindergarten and really hoped and prayed that she would get a teacher who would be just what Samantha needed. Our prayers were answered.

When Samantha started Kindergarten she was placed in ELI (Early Literacy Intervention). After her normal Kindergarten morning class, she would stay during the afternoon and work with 3 different teachers in workshops. Each trimester they would evaluate her progress and then decide if she still needed ELI. I worried about how Samantha would handle going to school all day- but boy does that little girl LOVE it. Only once did she complain about the length of time she spent there-- and it really wasn't a complaint-- it was "Boy, mom I'm at school a long time" She has worked with 4 great teachers who she loves and talks about all the time (it doesn't hurt that 2 of them are young and beautiful!) It really has been such an answer to our prayers to see not only her enjoyment of school, but to see her new interest in learning, and how much she is progressing.

Last week, we received in the mail a letter saying that with the end of the trimester testing, Samantha has been approved and no longer needs to be in ELI! We are so proud of her and so proud of her hard work! I love how she is now always wondering how things are spelled-- wanting to read everything-loving to learn new things- it just makes me happy.

It's funny how at the beginning of this I worried about how it would be for her to be at school 6 1/2 hrs-- now I'm a little worried about how she will handle only being at school for 2 1/2!- But I do know of one little boy who will be so happy to have his buddy back.

This little boy put together an outfit-- sure that he looks JUST like Iron Man. Yesterday when we went to pick up Samantha from school, Collin wanted to wear just the helmet because he thought that everyone would say "Hey, it's Iron Man!" unfortunately not everyone has the same "vision" that Collin has. When we walked up to the crossing guard the following conversation took place:
CG: "Hey look, it's a Roman Soldier!"

C: "No, I Iron Man!"

CG:"Oh, I'm sorry!- Iron Man

(walking away, saying in a disappointed voice) C: "Ahh man, I not a bad guy, I Iron Man, I a Super Hero"

It broke my heart! It looks like we are going to try have to figure out a way for this guy to earn a real Iron Man costume!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


December 29th Owee-Onus Bajonas Taylor turned ONE! Man do we ever love this little guy.

Who is Owen Robert Taylor at the age of ONE?
-So very cuddly
-loves to hold onto his mom's hair
-loves a little lion whose tail takes the place of mom's hair at night and during naps
-loves to listen to music and dance (dancing is either bouncing or swaying back and forth)
-LOVES to watch and play with his brother and sister
-likes to look at books
-gets SO excited when Dad comes home
-LOVES to take baths
-Is NOT interested in walking anytime soon :)
-he's a screamer- he has just recently began screaming "MOM!!" (oh the joy)
-he really is such a pleasant, easy-going, happy little guy
-ABSOLUTELY loved and adored by his family.
This year we were still in Utah during Owen's birthday. We just had a low-key party with our families. Poor Collin and Samantha ended up with stomach flu mid-party- which was definitely a downer-- but it was still a great night!

At first taste, Owen looked like he was going to take it easy----

-----but he didn't-- He went to TOWN on that cake! I finally took it away, worried that we'd have child #3 throwing up too. After I took the cake away, Owen raised both hands in the air as if to say "TA-DAA!" Unfortunately even with 2 cameras and a video camera present-- we missed that cute- perfect moment- but we'll still never forget it.

All cleaned up after a quick necessary bath, ready for the presents!

Our present, to Owen, was back in Ohio- so Owen had to wait until we got home-- and from the look on his face, you can tell that it was worth the wait!

A 3-1 Smart Trike

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Lucky for us, my parents made it possible for us to go to Utah for Christmas. It was so great to be "home" during the holidays. We had a great time, although we did miss our other family members who were missing (i.e. Jonathan, Bree and the girls, Nathan, Julianne and Addison and Elder Taylor, who comes home in less than a month!) We filled our time with...

Playing in the snow, building a snowman...

Hugging the snowman...

Seeing Temple Square with the Anderson's

-Swimming at the Bountiful Rec Center
-Seeing Tangled (LOVED that movie)
-Playing Quelfs (funniest game EVER) and Are you Smarter than a 5th grader
-Hanging out in the craft room
-Family Christmas parties
-Trip to the Temple and afterwards Mandarin (a MUST)
-Playing legos (Collin's new interest)
-And just being together

Christmas Eve
(watching Polar Express)

Acting out the Nativity scene

Sprinkling "Reindeer Dust" (Thanks, Carson!)

Writing notes to Santa and leaving cookies and milk
Christmas Morning!
(like so many other years, I wish I would have taken more pictures---maybe one year I'm going to do it better....maybe) We had a morning full of Zhu Zhu Pets, Barbies, Super Hero's, MobiGO, Elmo and Weebles....Super lucky kids

The girls in our family have a LARGE sweet tooth :)

He is OBVIOUSLY thrilled with his Spiderman and Iron Man

love this little face! He was SO excited for his Elmo--- so cute!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Our 6 year old

Samantha had a great birthday-- She was so excited to turn six. She loved being able to take treats to her class and have the principle say her name over the speaker on morning announcements. (this girl LOVES school)

Before the spoiling....

Opening her art set from Gra and Papa to support her new addiction to writing,drawing and creating

Opening her favorite movie(and book) Ramona and Beezus

Wearing her birthday shirt, already for school!

After school-- before we cut the cake--

The Nutcracker with Dad
Mike was on a rotation with a Doctor who annually took everyone in his office to the Nutcracker for Christmas. He has everyone over for dinner at his house and then they take a limo to the ballet. He invited our family to come along. Since it ended up being on Samantha's birthday, Mike thought that it would be the perfect daddy-daughter night.
Needless to say-- Samantha was so excited!

Man, we love our six year old!