Thursday, September 22, 2011


Most days you will see this guy with at the very least one lion---but many a time  he can be found to carry 3 lions around--2 by their tails and one in hand......we've created a monster.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just an update....

It's been awhile since I last posted. Nothing too big has happened lately. We are just getting into the routine of school and doing Collin's preschool here at home, as well as play dates and STILL decorating the house.
St. Louis feels like home now. It took a while--longer than Ohio did. But we are really happy here. I feel incredibly humbled with every move. At the start I tend to have poor attitude because none of the moves have been where I thought were the best for us. -But EVERY time I have been proven wrong.- and I am SO grateful for that. We have moved into a great ward-- where there are several other resident families. Mike's program has 4 LDS guys in it--and all 4 of them ended up in our ward- which has really helped with this whole transition. We've been able to make some GREAT friends--the kind that become like family.

Since there hasn't been anything big going on--I'm just going to do a breakdown on what each of us is doing--

MIKE is currently working in the NICU. Pretty intense to work with such sweet, tiny and heartbreakingly  very sick little babies. Unfortunately, he has been scheduled for all the really hard rotations all at the first- but he has quickly adjusted to his long hours and seems to be really doing well. He is in his element- which is SO great to see.
Amberlee -I am also in the process of "training" for a 10k. Luckily, I agreed to do this with a friend--so I have her to keep me in line and prevent me from dropping out. :) I have never really liked running. In fact I rather dislike it. A lot. But I do like how I feel afterwards and I know it's "good for me". My dad enjoyed running--I can remember one Saturday morning he asked me if I wanted to join him--I quickly declined- and asked him WHY in the world he liked to. His response was "B- it just makes ya feel so good" (he of course was gritting his teeth while saying this, totally my dad). So I like to think that he would be proud of me doing this. I am also beginning to get ready to re-open my etsy shop. This time around I will be doing something different from jewelry. Fingers crossed it goes well and helps to fill in the gaps that residency pay doesn't cover!
SAMANTHA is just plugging along at school. She still LOVES it--and seems to have adjusted without a problem. Her favorite subjects are Music and Art. Every Tues. they have their library day--and in true Samantha style--she thinks of her brothers- and comes home with books that they would like (dinosaurs, dogs etc.) She just lost another tooth-which makes it her 6th tooth lost.
COLLIN is doing really well. We were going to place him in a preschool (which he was SOOO excited for) and decided against it for a few different reasons. It took me a little while to convince him that doing preschool at home with me was going to be just as fun ;) Lucky for me-- he actually really enjoys it! And is quickly learning. He and Owen have really started to play well together-which has been so fun to see.
OWEN is getting TOO old--way too fast! He is quite the little mimic'er - wanting to do EVERYTHING that his siblings are doing--and it's quite adorable. Everyday he is saying more and more words- and doing more and more new things. He loves nursery (which took a few weeks) and LOVES singing time.

All in all we are happy, healthy (kinda--just fighting colds right now) and enjoying our life here.