Saturday, August 28, 2010


One night Mike was telling the kids the story of Ammon. He showed the kids the above picture of as he was telling the story. The next morning Collin came up to Mike and said "Hey look dad- I'm da' man" it took Mike a minute to figure out what Collin was talking about- and then it clicked. I don't know why it took Mike a second to figure it out- I can hardly tell the difference between the two pictures ;) Sure his leather wrist band is actually a piece to his Buzz Lightyear costume and the belt across his chest is a strap to my diaper bag and his sword is a color pencil- but to Collin he looked just like Ammon-- the Man. -and I love it!

Later Collin came across his "real" sword- so we took another picture...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chunky Boy

The title of this post is Collins name for Owen-- "Hey Owen you Chunky Boy"

Mike has access to any of our medical files and after Owen's visit to the emergency room a few weeks back he looked up his x-ray and ct-scan....
We thought it was kind of funny to see those little bones surrounded by such cute chubb!