Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A day at the farm

Samantha and Brooklyn planting their seeds

Johnny and Samantha looking at the cows. I wanted her to look at me for just a minute- but she said she was "too busy with the cows"

Samantha and Rylee

Collin was more interested in the little boy Luke next to us than he was looking at the animals on the farm!

Here we all are on the hay ride, Samantha looks a bit confused- I guess she wasn't quite ready for the picture!?

We had a fun day today! We first started out at the park with the Flannagan's and Perry's and we had a picnic and played on the playground. Next, we had a chance to visit Truman Farm. The SAA (Student Advocate Association) has a children's social every month for all the medical school families, and this month they planned a trip to the farm! We got to take a hay ride, plant some seeds to take home and grow a pumpkin of our own, and then we had the chance to see the new baby horse! The kids had a blast-the weather was beautiful- a bit windy- but it was great!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So there is a group of medical school wives that wanted to get their kids together to play soccer. In order to play at the YMCA you have to be atleast 4- so the mothers wanted their younger kids to have a chance to play as well. It was set up for 2-3 yr olds. every Tuesday night @ 5. For the first 3 weeks either the weather was nasty or Samantha and Collin were sick. Finally this week we were all better and the weather was awesome! When I first told Samantha about playing soccer her response was "Yes! Now I can kick people!" quickly I corrected her and told her that in soccer the object of the game was to kick the ball- not people- she then she came back with "Yes! I can kick the ball at people!" Needless to say- before we left Tuesday I had to remind her what soccer really was- and what she was suppose to do! Mike met us there after he was done at school- and he worked a bit with Samantha- she then walked over to the goal - and stood 2 ft. away and kicked the ball in the goal- she was THRILLED!

As you can see in her cute little face! She played a little more- but then as mostly little 2 year olds came to play- she got bored and said "This is enough" she then wanted a snack! Mike said that she will be the kid who just comes to soccer for the Capri Sun and orange slices!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


With the weather being crummy and both the kids and I being sick- needless to say we are SO ready for the weather to make up its mind and stay decent! I decided that to help our time indoors go by quicker- I thought that Samantha might like her own little car! Mike ran across a box at school and brought it home for me. At first I had all these ideas to make the car really cute- but I had to stop myself-I have enough projects going on right now- I didn't need to add to my list! So I let Samantha color it- (she didn't feel like it needed much change) I added on tires and Mike made an awesome wheel! (along with a slot for her keys- per Samantha's request) They have gone to a drive-in movies and have enjoyed a lunch or two in it as well. It's big enough for both Collin and Samantha to be in there together- although Collin still doesn't understand that the keys need to be IN the ignition in order for the car to drive! (A frustrating thing for his older sister)
For Christmas Collin got a 3 in 1 Smart Wheels- and he loves it! For awhile he didn't have enough balance to sit securely on it himself. But now he is and the moment you put him on it- he just gets the most proud little look on his face! He just knows he is such a big boy!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fuzzy Chicks and Chubby Feet

Samantha's friend Brooklyn was able to bring home some baby chicks from her preschool and Samantha was so excited to see them. We were suppose to go to our weekly play date today- but Collin was up most of the night with a fever- so we had to stay home. Being the sweet friend that Tasha is (Brooklyn's mom) she brought the chicks to us! I thought for sure Samantha would say that she wanted to hold them- but then would back out (she tends to be a bit chicken like her mom). But she didn't- and she loved holding it!

As I was holding Collin yesterday, I was playing with his feet- and I just started to laugh- his cute little toes look like they cannot be stretched any further! He has the chubbiest little feet- chubby enough that I cannot fit shoes on them. In order to have them fit around his foot I have to buy them big- big enough that they don't fit the length! I am really not making fun of him- I am actually sad to think that now that he is crawling all over the place- he will loose his adorable chubb! So this is to document- so that I will never forget my chubby, chubby boy!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Funny Faces

For some reason Samantha has been constantly pulling this face! Her poor little lips are starting to crack! She was more than happy to pose for this picture because I wanted to document it! She is the cutest goof!

Now that Collin has his 2 bottom teeth he likes to pull really cheesy grins. But for some reason I can only get him to do with when he is eating, hence the carrot face! I love those toothy grins!


Samantha knows all the Disney Princess stories and all about Eloise and Fancy Nancy. But what about Nephi, Moroni, the Brother of Jared and other stories from the Book of Mormon? I was talking with my mom a couple weeks ago - just telling her my concerns about feeling like I wasn't doing enough to teach my kids (mainly Samantha) more about the gospel. For so long I just figured that she was too young to understand but I have found out how wrong I have been. Being the wonderful mother that she is, my mom sent a couple of the Living Scripture movies. They arrived yesterday and as I was explaining the story of Nephi and the Brass Plates before watching it, with wide eyes Samantha says, "NO WAY!" We have since watched the movie several times. She has been especially hung up on Laban and how Nephi had to kill him. I try to steer her away from that part and remind her that they arrived safely back to their family because the Lord protected them. There is a song, "I Will Go and Do", in the movie that my dad sang when I was younger. When Collin was just new I would sing it to him (unfortunately not with the talent my dad possessed) and now there is rarely a time that it won't calm him down or get him to sleep. It's the cutest thing to watch Collin as the song comes on, he just gets mesmerized! I made him a picture for his room with the words to the song.