Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Break and a Visitor!

Our Easter weekend was a good one. One of my very best friends came to visit. I have known Rochelle for most of my life---we met in Elementary school. She has always been and I know will continue to be one of  my greatest examples and closest friends. I am SO grateful for her friendship.
We also really lucked out to have Mike around for the weekend. We visited the Zoo (along with everyone else in St. Louis). We spent time at the park. Rochelle even sent Mike and I out for a night while she and the kids made movies at home :)
After almost a year of living in St. Louis we finally went to see the Arch.
I have to admit that I was a tad nervous for the ride to the top. You are enclosed in a little compartment (I get claustrophobic) Plus heights are not my favorite thing. It seems that I have passed along my wussiness to Samantha--she was pretty freaked out to begin with--- but we soon found out that there was nothing to worry about.

Waiting for our ride to the top

Looking out at the amazing view

Easter Morning
Looking for the eggs.....
Right before church
Each night while Rochelle was here, we spent the night on the couch surrounded by nothing that was healthy (licorice, junior get the idea) and we watched Downton Abby. It was the best.  Rochelle had not seen it yes--- so Mike helped us out by downloading the second season and then spent a lot of time burning them on to dvd's. It was awesome :)
For Easter dinner, we got together with our friends for a bbq and another Easter Egg hunt.

The night before Easter we sat the kids down and we talked about the Savior and how he is the reason we celebrate Easter. I made each of the boys a little case for their Book of Mormon, and then I made Samantha a new bag. I had to take this picture of Owee, he is so happy to have his own scripture-- he would just sit down and look through the pages.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Owee loves to sing Twinkle Twinkle Litttle Star--- especially with his ears plugged so that he can hear himself better. You can often hear him just singing as he walks around the house. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This little boy has been wanting to go to preschool since Samantha's first day of Kindergarten. With finances the way they are-- it hasn't been something we could do. Lucky for us, our local high school offers a 6 week preschool for a fabulous deal. Collin gets to go to the highschool M-TH for a couple hours. On Mondays and Wednesdays his highschool "buddy" is Maddy and on Tuesday and Thursday is "buddy" is Chad- both really cute with Collin.

My biggest concern was what Owen was going to do without his "Colla"
We had been prepping Owen-- explaining that Collin was going to go to preschool and that he would be staying home with Mom. Of course, this never went over very well.
Example: The morning of Collin's first day he was dancing around saying how excited he was and all the sudden I hear "Colla, please don't leave me"
Talk about ripping your heart out.
I decided that I would try and do a little something fun for Owen after we took Collin. I told Owen that we could go to Target and get an ICEE and then look at  the toys. On the way to Target (only 3 min after we dropped off Collin) Owen asked if it was time to pick up Collin yet. He then proceeded to ask me atleast 6 times throughout our Target trip.
Now 2 weeks later-- not much has changed. Collin ABSOLUTELY LOVES preschool and Owen continues to cry when Collin leaves and asks me several times if it's time to pick him up. I'm sure that Owen will finally adjust by the time the 6 weeks is up!