Wednesday, March 25, 2009

cute hands and a muddy face

So seriously these are the only 2 pictures I took the entire time in Ohio. ya I stink.

Helping each other out in order to get through the torture of non-stop driving! (Samantha wanted to sit in the back so that she could sit next to Gra and Steph)

No- Collin wasn't playing in the mud- this is dirt that he spit out of his mouth. Iron deficient?

Monday, March 23, 2009

What in the heck.......

..were our thoughts as we pulled away from this cute cozy little house last Wed. after making an offer to purchase!

This was SO not what we were planning on doing when we set out last Saturday for Columbus! Mike had spring break last week, so we decided to drive out to Ohio in search of a place to rent for at least these next 2 years. I had done some looking on the internet- but we had a feeling that anything that was available now- could not be held clear until June like we would need. So we decided to just look around at the surrounding areas to narrow down our choices. Luckily for us Cameron had served in Columbus just this last year- so he, my mom and Steph (I begged the last two people to tag along so that we could see them!) flew out and met us Saturday night. Cam was the best tour guide! We ended up eating with a family in one of his favorite wards/areas (Hillard). The family was great! They answered my questions and concerns about the area and school districts etc. We had decided that we really liked the cities of Hillard and Dublin- so we would stick to those areas in our search.

We spent the rest of Sunday and Monday driving around- calling on rentals but with no luck. It seemed like anything in our price range was not in a neighborhood that we felt comfortable about. Plus- just like we had previously thought- everyone wanted to get rid of their rental properties now- not hold them for 3 months. Monday afternoon we drove past the cute little gray house with a red door-which happened to be in a neighborhood that we really liked- and that would also place us in the ward of the family that we had eaten dinner with. We saw the FOR SALE sign and thought we could make an appointment just to LOOK. What harm could there be?! Tuesday morning we met with the realtor, Nicole- and we all just really liked the home- it felt good and comfortable. It wasn't much bigger than our apartment now (3 bedrooms)- BUT it has a 2 car garage and a fenced in backyard- 2 HUGE things for us. After leaving we thought that maybe buying could actually be an option for us. It seemed like our mortgage payments would be the same as what we would be paying in rent/ plus it would be a good opportunity for us. We both felt really good about this new option. We thought it would be good to pray about it that night- and continue with our search.

My family left later that afternoon- :( and we then made some more appointments to look at more options- just to see and compare.

Wednesday we saw several houses- and NOTHING came close with what we found the day earlier. So we thought we should meet with Nicole again at the gray house and just see how we felt. Next thing we know we are standing in the house making an offer! Ahhh! Yet again- we just felt good about it. It was really strange to be doing something so grown-up- even though both of us are 30 this year- I still feel like a little kid- waiting to be an adult.

The seller accepted our offer later that night! Today the inspection takes place (fingers crossed that all goes well) Closing is scheduled sometime the end of April/ beginning of May.

Here are a few pictures of our soon to be new home! I wish I would have thought to take our own pictures! I am the world's WORST picture taker.

Not only do we like the neighborhood-- but it is about 10-15 minutes from the hospital where Mike will be doing his clinicals. Plus it is only a block away from a street that has EVERY store that I could ever want. Seriously.- every store.
We are so blessed to have wonderful parents who are helping to make this all possible. What would we do without all their love and support?!
Thanks- Cam, Mom and Steph for coming clear out to Ohio only to just sit in our van and drive around for hours! It was a blast just to be able to laugh and have a good time. You helped to make this trip so much more fun- and effective!-We love you!
-oh and for you who watch Gilmore Girls (epecially you-Tasha, know what I am talking about) downtown Dublin is "quaint"- just like Stars Hollow! Could a girl ask for anything more?

Thursday, March 12, 2009



I know that Mike HATES attention- but I couldn't let his birthday pass without officially wishing him happy birthday by of course doing a "post" about it! Don't worry Mike- I'll make it as short and painless as possible :)

We love you! We are so proud of all the hard work you do- we know it's not easy- but we are so grateful for your determination and sacrifice. Thank you for the incredible husband, father and friend you are. Collin and Samantha are so blessed to have you as their daddy and I am so grateful to have you by my side.

Studying for a final is SO not the way to celebrate this BIG birthday- but hopefully we can make up for it all next week! -again - WE LOVE YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Wonderfully Talented Friends

One of the many blessings of coming out to Kirksville has been meeting such amazing people. I can't believe the talent that so many have to offer! I have learned so many great new things - which has increased my project pile (much to Mike's dismay)! I love my friends and am so proud of what they can do. On the side bar I have listed some of them who make and sell some really great things- take a look! I hope to one day get my act together and start an etsy site- but who knows when that will be?!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random Pics....

I came across some random fun pictures- there's no rhymn or reason- just fun.

I am so grateful for my little family