Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mike is 32

It was perfect-- Mike had the day off from work (having worked the night shift) so the kids and I got up bright and early--- raced to the store to buy a healthy delicious breakfast (donuts and choc.milk) and other groceries so that we could surprise Mike with breakfast in bed! (although- it wasn't much of a surprise-- since the house was so quiet it actually woke him up!- so he called worried about where we were)

I let the kids pick out what we gave to him-- so they chose the obvious option--Iron Man Operation. - their thought process was-- Dad likes Iron Man- and he is going to be a doctor-- plus- they were obviously going to benefit from this gift as well--- PERFECT choice!
We spent the day walking around a fun outside mall and going out to lunch.
Here are the kids waiting "patiently" for dad to bring them their lunch.

We are SO blessed to have such a wonderful father and husband.


Monday, March 14, 2011


If there was one blessing in my life that has been a constant, it would friends. I truly believe that who I am today is in part due to the friends I've had. At every stage of life-- beginning clear back in kindergarten, I have had friends who were exactly what I needed at that time. Whether it was in junior high, high school, beauty school, living in Logan, living in Salt Lake, Kirksville and now Ohio- I have met and been blessed with the friendships of some amazing women. Each person has been evidence to me of a loving Heavenly Father- who is mindful of me and what I need.

I have loved living in Ohio-- not just because I live a block away from Sawmill which contains every store I could ever want-- but because of the friends I have made here. We have weekly playgroup, monthly craft night and texts here and there throughout the week. I always look forward to being with them- they make me laugh and cry (for good reasons) they inspire me, they have been answers to prayers- on more than one occasion (and especially this past month). Today we found out some FANTASTIC news (to come at a later post)-and just a half an hour after finding out- a few of them were standing on our porch with balloons, noise makers and a slinky's for the kids. I love these girls here-- I love what they have taught me and what they have brought to my life. Whether we stay here or if we move away for residency (we find out Thursday) these girls have made me a better person.